A disarming voice, deeply moving lyrics and an instinct for a captivating melody – and the artist behind the voice, a mere 16 years old. With her depth of musicianship, intense vocals, piano sounds and youth, Swiss artist Eva Leandra is reminiscent of the former British wunderkind Birdy and could well be on track to become a pop phenomenon.

Winning a talent contest aged just 9 years old after confidently belting out Adele’s iconic “Someone Like You”, Eva did her online research and found her manager a few years later by emailing him her self-made demos. Among them was her debut single “The Same” in which she packs political current themes into an expressive piano power ballad. “I racked my brains for months while writing it: Is it my place to sing about this? And if so, in what way?” Eva Leandra’s self-reflection and artistic maturity is already remarkable.

Watch out for this young talent.

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